10 websites for 10,000

March 1, 2013: Announcing our 10 websites for 10,000 campaign!

We have a goal to sell more than 10 website packages in March. Can you help us make this happen? All we ask is for you to share this news with your social network; in particular, if you know any small business owners who don’t yet have a website or those that want to bring their website to the modern age, please point them our way.  If we sell 10 packages in March, we commit to donating at least $10,000 in auction donations and sponsorships by the end of 2013! Seems like a fair trade, right?  For every 10 websites we sell in March, we’ll give back $10,000 back to the community! Now, it’s up to you!


10 for 10,000 campaign

10 for 10,000 campaign

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