Website Audits


Your website will benefit from one of the below website audits.

We offer 5 types of website audits currently:

  • Privacy – Does your website protect the privacy of your users? Comply with appropriate privacy laws?
  • Accessibility – Is your website using proper HTML/CSS standards? Can a reader for the blind read it?
  • Responsive – Does your website look the same for someone on an iphone, Android, ipad, and tablet?
  • SEO scores – We’ll provide you an SEO report card of your PageRank, DA, PA, backlinks, and explain each.
  • CMS security scan – We’ll run a security scan against your WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal CMS.
  • Web security scan – We’ll run a security scan for popular website security vulnerabilities.

By signing up below, you agree that you are the owner of the website being scanned, and you have all of the required authorization for such a scan to take place (the security scanners may trigger your intrusion detection/firewall alarms, for example). While we run scans using the latest technology and are internationally recognized experts, using our tools provides no guarantee as to the privacy, security, accessibility, or responsiveness of your website. Contact us for manual, comprehensive audits.

Once you’ve paid and provided us your website, we’ll call or email you within one business day with the results.

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Privacy Audit, Accessibility Audit, CMS Security Audit, Web Security Audit, SEO Audit – each only $99, or get all six audits for $499


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