Would a free website help you get off the ground?

Through my regular attendance at events like Ideas Meetings, ASC and IdeaWave, I know that a lot of people have ideas for a product or business they'd like to launch.  However, they often cite finances as a barrier to entry and of course getting a website started for a new product does entail a financial commitment.  As many of you know, I volunteer more than I work and I prioritize on giving back to the community; as such, I'm excited to announce One Day Website will begin giving away one free website per month.  Not just a One Day Website, but the Custom Tailored package, including wo hours of graphic design,and two hours of copy writing or editing of your existing content.

To be eligible, send an email to [email protected] with 200-400 words on why we should choose you out of the other applications. Tell us what sets your idea apart and why you think your product or business could be successful; we want to hear your personal story in your own words to help create the best website to help your vision become a reality.  Special consideration will be given to products or ideas that will serve to benefit the community as well as you individually.  By submitting an application, we can use your submission in any promotional materials we choose. We will include one year of hosting, but after that, you'll be responsible for the yearly hosting fee.  Please refer to the Details page for a full explanation of benefits, terms and conditions included with the initial yearly package.

In the spirit of fostering a cycle of community giving, we hope that when you make your first $1000, you pay us back the $499 so that we can continue to help others.  Submt your entry today – we're excited to see what you can come up with and how we can help spread the word!


3 thoughts to “Would a free website help you get off the ground?”

  1. I am an expert at Emulators of all kinds. I have been working with all kinds of emulators for 20 or so years. I am also great at problem solving, particularly where it comes to Computers…using any OS anyone cares to name…past or present. This is my passion. I have more then approx. 30000 hours or more spent on this passion. I would like to both help the World and be able to at least in part, support my self so as to devote more time to this passion. This is not only for games but for all types of software. Would others pay for this chance ? Yes, I think they would. Red Hat (of Linux fame) appeared to profit in this way, but stuck to Linux. I would like to branch out to all OS’es simply because people want the answer and I think they are willing to pay for it. Thank You.

  2. If applying for a free website, please see the instructions in the second paragraph; please don't use the blog's comments section to apply. Thanks in advance and good luck!

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